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The trailer for The Foaming Node makes the roof of my mouth itch, it makes the bottom of my feet want to vomit, it created a really bizarre hissing noise in my ears, and my eyes wept honey. It’s disturbing. It’s unnatural. It’s bizarre. Cinema is not meant to make you feel comfortable and safe. Cinema is meant to challenge you. And really, look at that face only a mother could love up there, looking at it, you know you’re going to be uncomfortable and challenged - The Curb, July, 2018

There is no doubt that I will endlessly ponder over the themes and oblong cinematic intuitions of Haig’s steel blue fever dream, and that’s the best part. This film wants you fraught with anxiety and nausea and manages it for the bulk of its brief 65-minute runtime. After the credits roll, it continues to resonate with a paranoid silence, questions falling over one another. Even with its recurring faults, The Foaming Node manages to be creepily unhinged, yet cerebrally intoxicating - Film Threat, July 2018

The search for new organs, flesh transformations, and mutant metaphysics, and more that the audience can see and experience but not yet articulate due to our own exposure to the signals of the Foaming Node. The understanding of the transformed subject and mutated collective is affected by our experience of it, the signal has not been lost but has transformed the minds of the viewers, where it exists still, living off our generic experience and cultural knowledge, transforming us all into nodes.   - Jack Sargeant, 2020

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